Kneeling Warrior Mascot

The Kneeling Warrior

The Kneeling Warrior is the official mascot of Covenant Athletics. Tony and Sandy Johnson were
one of the founding families of Covenant. Their sons Andrew (‘01) and Michael (‘03) both graduated
from Covenant. Michael returned in 2007 as an Assistant Warrior Soccer Coach and eventually
became Head Coach, taking the team to a State title game as well as winning multiple City, Sectional
and Regional Championships. His final season with the Warriors was in 2016. The Johnson family
clearly values The Warrior and what it represents.

We asked Sandy about the origin of The Kneeling Warrior:
“As I was a professional artist and mom at the time the school was started, I wanted to see if I could come
up with a warrior. The boys had all of the superhero comics for me to look through for a tough guy. The
Kneeling Warrior idea came from one of those characters. We placed the sword in his hand and dressed
him accordingly. I had done some folder art with the armor of God, so I was on a roll. The Kneeling Warrior
showed that the best fight was on our knees. The Kneeling Warrior made the cut and has happily been
used since.”

The Kneeling Warrior is not just a mascot. It is a symbol to our opponents and a reminder to our
athletes that no matter how many wins we achieve through the struggle of competition, humility is
to be at the heart of each one. Have we perfected that? No, but there are opportunities with every
competition that allow our athletes to grow – even in the midst of heartbreaking loss. Winning is
important, but it is secondary to the Godly principles that the program is striving to instill into the
student athlete.