Athletic Philosophy

The focus of the athletic program is that students, first and foremost, attend Covenant to receive an education and to grow in their relationship with Christ.

While athletics is a major part of American culture, participation in athletics is only a secondary aspect of the entire Covenant experience. Competitive sports can be a valuable tool which may be used to enrich the lives of Covenant students. However, membership on a Covenant athletic team is a privilege, not a right.

Covenant desires that student athletes possess Christ-like characteristics and are able to express them openly through the medium of sports. Our goal is to build eternal values in the students, while at the same time be a testimony of the power of Jesus Christ to all of those that we come in contact with during athletic events. Winning is important, but it is secondary to the Godly principles that the program is striving to instill into the student athlete.

The coaching staff of Covenant is a caring group of dedicated professionals who should strive to exemplify the personal and professional characteristics that we are attempting to teach the student athlete.


Athletic competition at Covenant flows out of and is integral to our mission of developing students physically, emotionally, socially, and morally. We believe that participation in interscholastic athletics should foster and cultivate traits of Christian character including diligence, responsibility, courage, loyalty, cooperation, self-discipline, good sportsmanship, competition, team play, and striving towards excellence.


  • To glorify God through the vehicle of athletic competition.
  • To develop and maintain a positive testimony for Jesus Christ, Covenant Christian High School, the individual athletes, coaches and spectators, and to those with whom we come in contact.
  • To instill in students an early understanding that participation in athletics is leadership training, which is a privilege that also carries responsibilities. Some of the leadership training would include but not be limited to, the following:
    • Strive for excellence with enthusiasm and desire as unto the Lord.
    • Provide an opportunity for goal-setting and the achievement of highest potential in both academics and athletics.
    • Provide an opportunity for students to place group above self – to learn to practice self-discipline for the overall benefit of the team.
    • To provide opportunities to learn the benefits of following the rules.
    • To learn crucial Christ-like character traits such as teamwork, sportsmanship, loyalty, obedience, submission to authority, love, desire, hard work, etc.
  • To teach new skills and offer opportunities to improve those already possessed.
  • To provide an opportunity for spiritual growth, which would include physical moral, social, and relational development of the individual.
  • To provide opportunities to develop lasting friendships with teammates, coaches, and opponents.