Multiple Teams · Summer/Fall Updates — June 14, 2020

As you all know, we have been experiencing very unusual times in the last 3+ months.  We hopefully are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as we are nearing what we hope will be a return to campus for summer workouts in July and the school year and Fall sports in August.  We hope that these last three months have not been lost time for you, but that you have worked to grow in your sport as well as your academics and your spiritual walk during this time.
We have been working through a lot of guidelines from the Department of Education, the IHSAA, and the Governor’s Office over the last several weeks.  This email has a lot of important information about necessary paperwork as well as some of the important details and protocols for the month of July as we know them currently.
1. Pre-Participation Physicals & Other Paperwork — Here is the link to submit all paperwork electronically.  The IHSAA has ruled that all IHSAA physical forms that are dated post 4/1/19 will still be accepted for the 2020-21 school year.  All new students (Freshman & transfers) and those that did not have a physical on file in the Nurse’s Clinic in the 2019-20 school year will need to provide one (either a copy of an IHSAA physical that you had done last year or a new one).  Anyone that had a physical on file with CCHS last year, must complete the Supplemental Questionnaire from the IHSAA.  If you answer yes to any questions on the supplemental form, you must get a new physical before regular season practices begin.  Once you upload the physical or supplemental questionnaire, please complete filling out the rest of the paperwork and submit.  ALL PAPERWORK MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN ANY SUMMER CONDITIONING OR WORKOUTS. One of the questions on the supplemental form will ask the date of your previous physical.  You can reach out to your doctor, Mr. Pfeifer, Mrs. Towles, or Mr. Gossel in order to verify that date if you do not have a copy of your physical.
2. DOE PHASES — Within the DOE guidelines for re-opening, there are three phases.  Phase 1 will be July 6-19.  Summer conditioning/workouts on campus can begin on 7/6.  Teams can condition 4x/week and have two activity days (workouts/practices when they can use balls, equipment, etc.).  Students can participate in activity days for more than one sport, but no student can exceed 15 hours/week on campus in Phase 1.  Phase 2 will be July 20-August 14.  Football can begin to wear pads in Phase 2, but will remain with 2 activity days/week.  All other sports can increase their activity days to a normal summer schedule in Phase 2. Regular season practices will begin in Phase 2 on August 3.  Teams will begin regular season practices during Phase 2, with many sports participating in their preseason scrimmages.  No fans/parents/spectators will be allowed at practices or scrimmages before August 15.  Phase 3 will begin on August 15.  All Fall sports other than Girls Golf (which begins earlier) can begin their regular season competitions on 8/15.  The Governor’s Office, DOE, and/or the IHSAA may put guidelines in place for the percentage of seating capacity that we may have to adhere to, but those decisions have not been made at this time.
3. Summer Protocols — When students and coaches return to campus in July, there will be several initial protocols to help provide students with the safest environment in which to participate.  I will list some of the major protocols in this email, and coaches will give more details and specifics as we near July and they are finalized.
  • No student that is sick or experiencing COVID symptoms should attend workouts
  • All students will complete a pre-workout screening with the Athletic Trainer or a member of the coaching staff (at least during Phase 1)
  • All students must bring their own water bottle. Water bottles can be refilled at workouts by a designated staff member, but each student must bring their own bottle.  We recommend a large bottle or gallon jug to limit the need to refill.
  • Only essential personnel can attend conditioning/workouts, activity days, or practices (players, coaches, managers).
  • Locker rooms will not be available in July.
  • Students will work in small groups and be encouraged to practice social distancing as much as possible.
  • No exercises requiring spotters will be performed in Phase 1
  • Decisions on masks are still being made
4. Eventlink/Schedules — The Athletic Department is still working out the details of the schedule for the month of July based on the DOE/IHSAA guidelines. Once the schedules are finalized, they will be added to Eventlink.  If you have not created an account and subscribed to the calendar of your sport on Eventlink, please click here to do so.
5. Volt Athletics platform — Many of the conditioning workouts in the months of June and July will be contained on the Volt Athletics platform.  If you do not have a Volt Athletics account, please email Assistant Athletic Director David Pfeifer ( to get your account set up.
Please feel free to reach out to the Athletic Department or your coach with any questions that you may have.  Click here for a complete list of all CCHS Head Coaches and their contact information.
Looking forward to being back together.  #beuncommon