Coed Varsity Track · Spring Sports Senior Spotlight: Emma Hunt

The COVID-19 pandemic has had great impact throughout the world in the last six months.  Locally, in addition to the obvious health affects that this virus has caused for so many people that have either gotten sick and some have died, the stay at home orders have had significant affects on everyone.  One of these things is the loss of the Spring Sports season.  This has impacted so many, from professional sports, the collegiate level, high school and middle schools, all the way down to the recreational level.  While so many have been affected, it is especially disappointing for the Class of 2020 who have lost their final HS season to compete for their school, enjoy their sport with their friends, and have the opportunity to impact others and grow themselves.  Because the Spring Sports seniors will not have the opportunity to be honored at a Senior Night for their respective sport this season, the Athletic Department will honor one senior from a Spring Covenant athletic team each day to honor them for their time as a CCHS athlete.

Today’s Senior Spotlight is Emma Hunt.  Emma has been a member of the Track & Field team for four years.  Here is Emma’s senior biography:

Parents: Joe & Michelle Hunt

Career Track Highlight(s): Running at regional Junior year (and more of a personal highlight; getting first place on all my events my very first track meet freshman year). Being given the Joshua award and MVP Junior year. I nearly cried. It was very nice.

Favorite Sports Memory: Placing high enough to go to regional—when the whole track team got together during the 3200 at Hagerstown to cheer on Josiah Allman. It was just a really wholesome moment. It’d be cheesy to say every moment, but most of the appeal of the sport came from just being around a bunch of kind and fun teammates.

Other Activities: Volleyball, NHS, DECA

Favorite Class: English & Physics

Future Aspirations: Study Physics and Writing at Indiana University Bloomington

Favorite Bible Verse/Quote: Psalm 46

Final Word: Thank you, Coaches Wildman and Shorter. I don’t think I would have had nearly as much fun or been half as successful without you two there to push me. There were a lot of days when I felt like I couldn’t do something and I really needed an adult to tell me how worthless those insecurities were. I’m also glad that you were willing to put up with the endless memes I forced on you, and for trusting me with the responsibility of being in charge of people. I don’t know what I did to prove that that would be a good idea, but I’ll always appreciate it. I’m also glad you were completely okay with the fact that my mom spent more time in the infield than me—though she’s definitely not a coach. Another special thank you to you, mom. If anyone was ever more excited than me for my successes, it was you. And dad, I know that track isn’t your thing, but you could’ve fooled me. Thank you for your constant support, no matter what. I want to be able to thank every single one of my teammates, but there are far too many of you to mention by name. I’ll just say that it was because of you guys—your encouragement and friendship—that I kept coming back for each season. You made all the running worth it. I’m sad that I didn’t get to be your captain for a whole season, but I’m happy to know that I’m leaving the program in great hands. Take care of one another when I’m gone. Love you, gang.

Emma Hunt digs a ball in a Volleyball match in September, 2017. Photo courtesy of McIntyre Imaging.


Emma Hunt long jumps in a meet at Park Tudor in April, 2018. Photo courtesy of McIntyre Imaging.